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“I am always asked for design tips, from clients, family or friends. So here are my top five design tips that will help anyone add to their home or business. Have a look at the wonderful possibilities decorating can do for any living space. Enjoy” ~ Cathy

  1. For any room, pillows can complete your look. It can soften up a comfortable space to view movies or sporting events with the family, dramatically add elegance to your bedroom or simply add a sense of season in your living room. My tip for pillows is simply this: Do not skimp on how many you use. Use pairs of pillows; add different shapes, patterns, colours and textures.
  2. Whether you are decorating an office, bedroom, living room or family room, you should always pick furniture that goes together but not necessarily the same. You can pick a fabric sofa and add leather accent chairs. The colours can be different and when you add tip number one, your room will come alive with your personality or taste.
  3. Always pick your paint colour last. That way you can pull colour choices from your favourite furniture, artwork, pillows and flooring. Your paint colour is the backdrop to your living space and should pop your room with vibrancy, define simplistic elegance or set a tone for relaxation or work.
  4. In every room it’s fun to have one quirky or special item that is of significant meaning to you or your family.
  5. Lighting to your home is like jewelry to an outfit. It completes the look. That is why I advise my clients to invest in their lighting. A well chosen lighting theme can add character and style to a room, it can pull a room theme together or it can dazzle on its own. Lighting can transform a room from normal to spectacular. So light it up and enjoy.

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