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Let’s get cozy:

Warm neutrals, touchable textures and lots of layers are a few of my favourite things on trend right now. It’s time to curl up and cocoon with textured cozy pillows and throws.

The grey escape:

Charcoal and silver, gunmetal and slate-grey in all shades is one of my favourites for good reason. At once refined and calming, it’s the perfect neutral to act as a backdrop to our lives whether its paint on the walls, decor or a new sofa.

Mixing old and new:

Bringing furniture from different periods but upholstering in a modern print gives extra warmth and depth, as well as giving it a rich sense of history. Make sure you pair it with new and modern pieces to complete the look.

White house:

Crisp, clean and calming: Nothing soothes the senses and captures one of the hottest trends like a room enveloped in white on white. From great rooms to kitchens it’s defiantly on trend.

Industrial style:

With a strong presence of metallic surfaces, clean angular shapes and practical forms following function the industrial look is a sophisticated, vintage inspired trend I love adapting to any room in the house.

Rustic Modern:

Natural wood finishes and reclaimed wood combined with clean modern style best defines this new trend in home décor. Simplicity of form and warm natural materials can add rustic charm to any home interior space.

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